FAQs for How to Prepare for Winter Driving | Lancaster, PA

prepare for winter driving

Tis the season for winter weather. And while all that snow and ice can transform the outside world into a winter wonderland, it can also make the roads a little less safe to drive on. Driving during the winter can be a difficult task even for the most expert of drivers. However, there are a few ways that you can get your car ready for the winter’s worst, and we have the answers! Here are a few frequently asked questions for how to prepare for winter driving.

Q: Do they make winter tires?

A: Indeed they do. You want the best tires to use during the winter, and many tire manufacturers produce tires specifically for this time of the year. These tires have a better traction to help you stay on course even while the roads are slick and slippery.

Q: Are there winter windshield wipers?

A: There is such a thing as winter windshield wipers. While not as common as winter tires, winter windshield wipers do indeed exist, and these sets of wipers can be very useful to drivers, especially if they have to do a lot of driving near areas with heavy snowfall.

Q: Will my windshield wiper fluid freeze?

A: To answer this question, you will want to inspect the type of windshield wiper fluid that you use. The wiper fluid should have a temperature written on it that the fluid will freeze at, letting you know the lowest temperature that the fluid can encounter before it starts to become solid.

Q: What materials should I have in an emergency winter kit?

A: An emergency winter kit is a must-have item if you are doing any sort of winter driving. Some of the items that should be included in this kit are a flashlight, spare batteries, a shovel, and, perhaps the most important, a blanket in order to stay warm.

We hope that these answers will help you out on the roads this winter. If you find yourself in need of a service check-up this season, come see us!