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It isn’t easy to beat the summer heat with a car that’s constantly having problems. Fortunately, a little love and care can go a long way. Keep your vehicle up and running at peak performance all summer long with these car care tips!

Change the Oil

Oil plays three major roles in the engine: protect, lubricate, and clean. As one might imagine, old oil doesn’t perform its jobs nearly as well as fresh oil. Consistently changing the oil at the manufacturer-suggested interval will bring better performance and fuel economy. Plus, the vehicle won’t have nearly as many mechanical problems in the long run.

Replace the Wipers

Spring tends to bring plenty of rainfall, which could result in worn wipers. A pertinent safety feature on all vehicles, windshield wipers should be able to clear the windshield without streaking. Fortunately, replacement wipers are relatively cheap and the owner’s manual offers instructions on how to install them.

Check the Lights

Like windshield wipers, properly functioning lights are a necessary safety feature, especially at night. Perform a walk around of the vehicle to ensure there aren’t any burned out bulbs, scratched lenses, or broken covers.

Inspect the Tires

Tires should be rotated at every oil change, if not more often. Make sure to check the tire pressure every week or so to ensure the summer heat doesn’t result in overinflating. Examine the walls and tread for any damages, like cuts and bulges. Finally, perform an inspection of the tire tread to make sure there’s enough for optimal traction on both dry and wet roadways. Learn more about buying tires.

Examine the Air Conditioning

A certified professional should inspect air conditioning systems prior to summer. New vehicles have cabin air filters that need replaced according to the manufacturer-recommended schedule.

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