Service by Season: Spring In Lancaster, PA

Service by Season: Spring | Lancaster Toyota | Lancaster, PA

Spring-time Services

Hoping to apply the “spring cleaning” maxim to the inside of your car, but not sure where to start? Check out this quick guide to car spring cleaning in just eight steps:

Pick up trash and clutter.

Pick up everything that’s been accumulating on the ground, in cup holders, etc., then separate the garbage from anything you want to keep, and dispose of all that trash.


Now that the bottom of your car is clear, get out your vacuum and go to town. A small handheld vacuum or a vacuum hose will be especially helpful.

Remove stains.

If there are any stains or marks on your seats or floors, this is a good time to tackle them.

Clean up salt.

If you have removable floor mats – which are likely covered in salty winter grime – remove them and spray them down.

Clean air vents.

Use a felt-tipped brush to clean between your vents, and if your car’s airflow still seems less than fresh, look into your air vent filter.

Wipe down dust.

Now that your car is relatively clean and fresh, wipe down all the surfaces to get rid of dust, fingerprints, and who knows what.

Time for the Windex.

Grab some Windex and spray down all of the windows, which will provide you with a sparkling sheen.

Place things in proper homes.

Lastly – refer back to everything you found on the ground that you want to keep, from spare change to that cell phone charger you forgot about, and put each item in its proper place.

For more spring cleaning tips and spring service on either the inside or the outside of your car, come visit us anytime, here at Lancaster Toyota today.