What are the pros and cons of the 2019 Toyota Corolla front wheel drive?

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Front Wheel Drive and Transmission System

If you’re asking this question, you probably already know what a front wheel drive or FWD is. However, for our less car savvy readers I’m going to tell you what it is and then get into the details. To really understand what a front wheel drive is, you need to know the definition of a transmission system.

The transmission system is how power gets from the engine to the driving wheels. You might be asking yourself how it relates to your original question, and I’m going to answer that right now.

The front wheel drive is a type of transmission system, and there are three main ones that are commonly used in most cars. The other two are all wheel drive and rear wheel drive but I’m mostly going to focus on the pros and cons of the front wheel drive transmission system.

Cons of Front Wheel Drive:

Not AWD or RWD

The FWD system is not the AWD or RWD system. What exactly does that mean? It means that power from the engine is not delivered to all four wheels or just to the rear wheels. This is important because with all four wheels receiving power, there is better acceleration and traction control. Especially in extreme driving conditions, like snow storms or heavy rain. The trade-off for this level of performance is that it reduces fuel economy and increase the weight and complexity of the vehicle.

If you compare FWD to the rear wheel drive transmission system you’ll see some clear differences, like how the rear wheel is the one getting power from the engine instead of the front wheels. This results in a more balanced vehicle which allows for better handling in most conditions. Despite the better handling, the traction control is not as good as the FWD.

Racing enthusiast might consider it boring

Some racing enthusiast might say that the Toyota Corolla front wheel drive is boring when compared to rear wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicles. The difference in power on the race track is one of the main reasons race enthusiast say that the front wheel drive is boring.

Another concern that comes up frequently is whether the 2019 Corolla looks powerful and stylish. With the reduced front overhang and overall body designed to look lower and learner most drivers would still consider it to be an adventurous daily commuter car.

Pros of Front Wheel Drive (FWD):

Less Expensive to repair

The front wheel drive transmission system is more cost efficient for most drivers and that’s because of how it is built. The front wheel drive uses less parts when compared to AWD or RWD and drivers won’t have to worry about things such as the driveshaft, guibo, or universal joints.

As most people know, when getting a car repaired, the parts can dramatically hike up the price of the repair. Luckily you won’t have to worry about that with the front wheel drive 2019 Corolla. The parts are made cost efficiently and maintenance is just as affordable.

Less likely to lose control

The front wheel drive is less likely to lose control in the rain or on black ice because the power is being delivered to the front wheel instead of the rear wheels. When compared to the rear wheel drive in wet road conditions, the back tires of the rear wheel drive will spin out of control. And unless you plan on driving your Corolla into the mountains, you don’t really need AWD.

Less drive-train loss

The front wheel drive will experience less drive-train loss compared to the other two types of transmission system. This means that delivery of horsepower between the engine and the wheels will be at a lower ratio and not hinder performance at all. You’ll have plenty of power whether you’re on the highway or driving through the city.

The type of transmission system you decide to go for depends on many factors. Such as  the place you live, what you’re going to use the car for, and how you drive. If you’re looking for a stylish, reliable, and powerful daily commuter car, the 2019 Toyota Corolla meets all those requirements. Part of which is due to its fuel-efficient front wheel drive transmission system.

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