Fall Car Maintenance

September 25th, 2015 by

FallWe’re starting to feel a break in the summer heat, and everyone’s ready to break out the fall coffee flavors and put on their sweaters. But the beginning of fall is also a great time to give your car a little attention and start preparing it for weather changes and the harsh winter months, so here are some fall car maintenance tips.

First, early fall is the best time to replace your windshield wipers for the year. Between extra use in fall and winter and all the solvents and ice repelling sprays you’ll be using through the winter, your wipers take a beating, so start off with a fresh set.

And make sure your heater and defrost are in top shape! You’ll definitely need this when it gets cold, but even in fall you never know when you’ll get a morning frost and have to crank up the defrost before your morning drive.

Finally, check your tire pressure, as changing temperatures can cause pressure to fluctuate, and make sure your spare tire is still good. You need well-inflated tires to retain your traction on wet and icy roads! For more on fall service tips, schedule a service appointment today with Lancaster Toyota’s service center.

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