Tundra SR5 leveling kit: (Do you need it?)

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Introduction to the Tundra SR5

The Toyota Tundra SR5 is a great truck with impressive towing and hauling prowess and good features. The SR5 has formidable off-road capabilities and plenty of aftermarket parts to boost its performance for all circumstances.

The V8 engine delivers great performance in terms of power. It has spacious interiors with roomy seating. The SR5 comes with the Toyota Safety Sense which is the driver safety and assist system. In this segment, it’s slightly below-average fuel economy but makes up for it with power.

The factory suspensions are a little stiffer when compared to other similar trucks in the market. Tundra SR5 provides powerful and extremely responsive braking. The steering is accurate, and the turning circle is 44 feet.

As truck handling goes, the Tundra SR5 is big and inexperienced drivers might find it a little challenging to drive on narrow roads. The Tundra SR5 has the option of the TRD Off-Road package, which gives it improved off-road capability.

Why and when leveling is required for Tundra SR5?

There are a few reasons why you might want to level your SR5. An increase in the level of your truck is allows for towing even heavier loads. It improves the appearance of your truck. It also helps in off-road driving, which requires clearing over-sized obstacles.

Leveling kit also prevents sagging from heavy bumpers and winches. A Tundra SR5 leveling kit is a great option for lifting the front suspension to match the rear height for hauling and towing. It also gives the Toyota Tundra SR5 an aggressive look.

A lot of aftermarket brands like Trailmaster, ReadyLift, ToyTec, and many more sell leveling kits to improve your ride height at lucrative prices. Depending on the model, the Tundra SR5 can be lifted between 1.5 to 2.5 inches using a leveling kit.

Role of tires for leveling

For installing a 1.5 to 2 inches leveling kit, some wider tires and trims might be needed for support. 18 to 20-inch rims may support and increase height in the range of 1 to 1.5 inches. With a 3-inch lift kit, the options continue to get better, but the wider the tire, the greater the likelihood of trimming.

Aftermarket Leveling Kit for Tundra SR5

 A lot of aftermarket brands like ToyTec and Bilstein offer custom leveling kits specifically for trucks and SUVs. These kits offer superior damping abilities which help the Tundra SR5’s performance to last long and stay comfortable.

These adjustable kits offer shocks that instantaneously adjust to any road surface for a smooth and quiet ride. The large-diameter shock absorber have multi-layer zinc finish which resists corrosion.

These kits are custom made for Tundra SR5 models. They have an easy bolt-on installation process and a limited lifetime warranty. The price typically range varies from $80-$800.

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