How to use the Toyota Tundra SR5 part-time 4WD?

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Do you enjoy off-road driving and just happen to own a Tundra SR5? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions, there is something you need to know. You need to know about the part-time 4WD feature of the SR5. Then, you will also need to know how to use it.

You might even be wondering, what exactly is it. Well it’s a way for your vehicle to maintain even better traction when off-roading. The mechanics of the part-time 4WD is extremely impressive. The rear wheel always gets one hundred percent of the torque from the engine. It is like the two-wheel drive, mainly when the four-wheel drive is not engaged.

How does it work?

The power produced by the engine goes to the transmission. Then from there, it goes to an output shaft and then to the transfer case. This is where the output shaft is connected to the rear drive shaft. That is what transmits the torque to the rear differential, thus spinning the wheel causing the car to move. You might think all this information is not necessary and you might be right. However, by knowing it, you’ll be able to get the best performance out of your part-time 4WD. Below is how to use the system.

Using the part-time 4WD

  1. Drive in two-wheel drive most of the time. And this is where the name “part-time” is coming from.
  2. Shift into the four-wheel drive when you encounter slick rain road, ice or snow, or rough road conditions.
  3. As soon as you encounter good road conditions, shift back into two-wheel drive. Thankfully, there’s a “shift on the fly” knob that you can use.

The great thing about this feature is that the vehicle does not need to be stopped to use. It is important to keep in mind that there is a bit of over-steering. If you are using 4WD, your turns might be a little wider when compared to your usual turns when driving two-wheel drive. The feature is as simple as using a knob.

Things to keep in mind

You should also be aware that ABS do not work perfectly with the part-time 4WD. If you own a pickup, the bed should carry as much weight as the front especially when using a two-wheel drive. The reason is that you don’t want your vehicle to become unbalanced due to weight distribution.

The more the weight is balanced, the better the traction will be. For off roads, part-time 4WD are the perfect system to use. However, on pavements, it is usually fulltime 4WD that will offer you the best performance. This is pretty much what you can expect from vehicles and models of the current generation.

It is essential to know the system that you should use in various road conditions to avoid having accidents. Hopefully by knowing about the Tundra SR5 part-time 4WD, you are aware of your options.

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