Stay Safe in the Snow with these Winter Driving Tips

December 15th, 2015 by


We all have those moments when we think we miss winter. Whether it’s wishing we could curl up under a blanket by the fireplace, fond memories of snow forts in the backyard, or just the peaceful, happy feeling of Christmastime, there’s something nice about the season. But, we bet that you’re not looking forward to the slippery slickness of winter’s roads no matter how much you love your big cozy sweaters. For all you drivers who will be driving through blizzards and snowstorms galore this year, here are a few winter driving tips to keep you secure.

  • Let’s talk about hills. Firstly, try to avoid them if there’s any amount of snow or ice on the road. If you can’t avoid them, then proceed with caution. Never stop on a hill, but also don’t try to power right up them. Take those inclines easy!
  • Speaking of “not stopping,” that doesn’t just apply to hills. If you don’t need to come to a complete stop, don’t. Just slow down to a crawl if you can. Keeping a bit of forward-motion will keep you from skidding.
  • Be aware of your brakes. Yours might be sticky, tight, loose, flaky, or any combination of attributes. When there’s ice on the road is not the right time to learn your brakes’ darker nature.
  • When accelerating and decelerating, take it slow (are you noticing a pattern here with these winter driving tips?). Big bursts of speed or stoppage will send you swerving.
  • Finally, if you don’t absolutely need to leave your house in bad conditions, don’t do it.
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