Summer Driving Tips For a Safe, Cool Season

June 30th, 2015 by


Though you may not have to deal with any snow on the ground this summer, the warmer months bring their own special driving challenges. Stay safe this year with these summer driving tips:

  • Never leave a child or a pet in a locked car when it is warm outside. This can be a fatal mistake. If you see a child or a pet in a locked car, call an emergency number.
  • Keep extra water in your car, in case you are ever dehydrated or even just thirsty.
  • Consider keeping an extra bottle of sunscreen in your car, for those days when you didn’t originally plan to be out long, but end up getting more sun than you anticipated.
  • Read up on heat exhaustion, and be sure to have a first aid kit in your vehicle.
  • Try to park in garages or in the shade, to avoid that stuffy, hot car-feeling when your return to it.

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