Toyota Celebrates 50 Years of Quality UK Vehicles

January 27th, 2016 by

UKToyota has recently celebrated their 50th anniversary in the UK. The first Toyota, a Corona, went on sale in Britain in 1965.

Toyota’s first sales in the UK were on October 1st, 1965. Toyota had a batch of 60 third-generation Corona vehicles that sold in Britain. This car had luxuries not usually on a family car, such as two-speed wipers and a heater.

As part of the anniversary celebration, Toyota provided some of the first Toyota vehicles that were imported. This of course included the Corona, but also the Toyota GB, a 1986 Corolla GT coupe, and a RAV4 from 1995. Also included was a genuine1992 Carina E, which was one of the first Toyotas made in Britain.

Incredibly, Toyota has proven its longevity as there are still 29 examples of the 1960s Corona on the road. The one for the celebration has had some underbody work done to it, but overall has lived a gentle life and is almost exactly how it would have been 50 years ago.

Toyota celebrates 50 years in the UK, and by doing so, they are celebrating their ability to create cars that last. If you are interested in owning a car that can last for half a century, stop by Lancaster Toyota and we will be happy to help you find your perfect Toyota.

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