Toyota Hydrogen Mobility Partners with Honda and Nissan

July 17th, 2015 by

RecycleToyota is teaming with some unlikely partners in order to further develop the hydrogen infrastructure in Japan. First announced back in February, Toyota will be working with Honda and Nissan in order to improve alternative fuel technologies.

According to Toyota, this unprecedented move is part of a larger Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) project. With more hydrogen filling stations, Toyota believes that the popularity of the new FCVs will skyrocket.

FCVs use a chemical process to convert hydrogen molecules into electricity by generating water. This complex process is promising, especially considering the fact that hydrogen is the single most abundant resource in the universe, making it renewable and cheap. There’s just one problem – gas stations don’t sell hydrogen.

Toyota, Nissan, and Honda are covering some of the operational costs of starting a network of fill stations, and are assisting infrastructure companies in any way possible. Believe it or not, this Toyota Hydrogen Mobility project could just redefine the world of cars in our lifetime.

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