Toyota Uses Regenerative Braking Technology to Cook Breakfast

October 29th, 2015 by

What do cars like the Toyota Prius and the Toyota TS040 Hybrid LMP1 race car have in common? Well, they’re both hybrids. And they both use regenerative braking, an advanced technology that lets them recuperate some of the energy lost under braking as electric power.

For the TS040 Hybrid, it’s a way to increase horsepower and get even faster lap times. For the Prius, it’s a way to save even more fuel, as most of our customers at Lancaster Toyota already know. But how muchenergy does it recover, exactly? It can be hard to visualize.

Over the course of a single lap of Le Mans, the TS040 Hybrid harvests 6 megajoules of energy from regenerative braking technology. That’s enough to make eggs, toast, and coffee for 171 people—which, incidentally, is exactly what Toyota did when it invited that many guests and cooked them all breakfast using the LMP1 race car.


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