Toyota’s Three Wheeled i-Road Trials

April 23rd, 2015 by

toyotaThe citizens of Tokyo are getting a special treat from the world’s largest automaker. Toyota is beginning test runs of a new concept in order to determine whether it should be mass produced. Meet the i-Road, Toyota’s three wheeled vehicle.

Tokyo residents who want to take part can do so through Japanese car sharing service Park24. In all, five vehicles will be available for lease. The price is pretty hefty – 412 yen (or $3 USD) for every 15 minutes. When finished, the vehicles can be dropped off at any of the five locations within Tokyo.

Toyota’s goal with the i-Road is to decrease gridlock and pollution. The i-Road will do just that if it makes it to mass production. The only obstacle other than that is building a car sharing network. So far, the concept-in-testing seems to be going well.

“Our concept was to offer something that’s both fun and convenient for city driving,” i-Road chief engineerAkihiro Yanaka told Reuters.

The i-Road trials began April 10th. The front wheels move up and down independently of each other, giving it the ability to lean like a motorcycle while maintaining the stability of a car. Sounds like a unique experience!

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