Tundra 1794 trip computer: (What does it show?)

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Owning a vehicle can be a great experience. First, it’s convenient for getting you where ever you need to go and whenever you need to go. Second, it’s a lot fun to drive, however a lot of people don’t fully get to enjoy this experience.

Through no fault of their own, they’re not aware of how many different features their vehicles offer. Take the Toyota Tundra for example, it’s packed full of useful features and benefits that a lot of drivers are simply not aware of. All of these features are focused on driver safety and vehicle reliability.

What is the trip computer?

One particular feature that comes to mind is the trip computer, which is a part of the dashboard. The trip computer is how the vehicle communicates with the driver in real time. Instead of having to guess what your Tundra 1794 needs, you can see it right there on the screen.

Most people are usually concerned with monitoring their speed, so they don’t get pulled over for a speeding ticket. And also making sure they don’t run out of gas and get stranded on the side of the highway. Both of which are things that I myself would be concerned with.

However, the trip computer offers so much more information than just those two things. Some people might not even be aware of what a trip computer is. Especially if they’re transitioning from an analog dashboard. The trip computer is part of the electronic instrument cluster also known as the digital instrument panel or digital dash for short.

History of the Tundra 1794 trip computer

The first use of a digital dash in consumer vehicles was in 1976 by Aston Martin. Then GM took the lead in the U.S. by including digital dashes in their luxury vehicles. However Toyota has taken the lead for the average consumer and made the digital dash widely available in all the vehicles that they manufacture.

Toyota has focused on making the digital dash as user friendly and as ergonomic as possible.  They’ve done this by making the size of the digital dash easy to see while minimizing distractions for the driver.

Another big feature of the digital dash is voice control. From calling loved ones to playing your favorite road trip song and much more. Al these changes were gradually added after years of safety testing and driver feedback.

Tundra 1794  trip computer shows the following info:

The trip computer in the Tundra 1794, comes factory installed, sometimes drivers are able to install an aftermarket accessory. As I mentioned previously, it is designed to measure the speed that you are driving at. It also measures the miles per gallon at the current speed you are driving.

The number of gallons of fuel that your vehicle has left will change as it calculates this information in real time. This is a great way of knowing how many miles you have left before you need to refill. The digital dash also shows how long your current trip has been.

Another great thing about the trip computer in Tundra 1794 is that it notifies you about vehicle maintenance schedules. For example it will display the number of miles that your Tundra 1794 has left before the next oil change, and then it will show a message suggesting that you need to change your vehicle’s oil.

Information on the digital dashboard:

  • Fuel mileage information
  • Outside and inside temperature
  • Overall efficiency information
  • Tire pressure information
  • Distance covered information
  • Maintenance notification information
  • Mileage information
  • Fuel information
  • Speed information
  • Real-time fuel consumption information.

With this information, you will be able to know everything that your vehicle needs. It’s very important to not ignore the information on your trip computer. All the information that is displayed, can potentially save you from being stranded.

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